Relive the taste and flavors of Tuscan cuisine

The villa's dining room features a vaulted ceiling in toast-colored brick, an enormous fireplace, antiques family furnitures, french windows opening out to the flower garden of the estate where during the summer it is possible for our guests to eat and enjoy the restaurant outside.

The buffet breakfast is served every morning from 8 to 10 and includes delicious home made jams and cakes, muesli, corn flakes, orange juice, fresh fruit, cheese, salumi and eggs if requested.

The Locanda kitchen offers a menu which is based on seasonal and locally grown produce, such as the "Chianina" beef, the Cinta senese (pork), extra virgin olive oil produced from the propertyes' olive trees, local sheep cheese "pecorino" and selection of tuscan salumi. All served with herbs , vegetables soufflees and fresh vegetables from our vegetable garden.

Many are the choices of dishes available in the restaurant to please our guests with tastes and flavours of Tuscan cooking including vegetarian, organic farming and gluten free dishes.

Locanda La Bandita
Locanda La Bandita


Selezione pregiata di salumi locali e crostino nero
Selezione pregiata di pecorini locali
Conserve e sciroppi fatti in casa
Locanda La Bandita


Amongst the pasta courses the presence of: - Pici, a home made local pasta, seasoned with ragł, bacon and zafran and cinta senese meat white ragł.
- Ravioli filled with ricotta and pecorino cheese seasoned with pecorino cheese fondue.
- Home made potatoes gnocchi with sausidge crumbles, pumpkin cream and pecorino cheese.
- Fettuccine (egg noodles) with sausidge crumbles and mushrooms
- Cereal and spelt soup, bread and tomatoes soup and la ribollita
- Spelt flour pennette with mixed vegetables salted in olive oil
Locanda La Bandita


The meat dishes include
- Grilled meats
- Pork's filet with balsamic vinegar or red wine sauce
- Chianina beef hamburger
- The well known "bistecca alla fiorentina"
and other "dishes of the day" prepared following old and traditional recipes with different meats such as wild board, rabbit and poultry.
Locanda La Bandita


All desserts are home made and the choice starts with
- Cantucci with Vin Santo wine
- Semifreddo ai cantucci with vin Santo sauce
- Apple cake
and other delicious cakes also served in the breakfast's buffet.